"Werewolves Only"

by Carrie Pulkinen

A psychic detective. An alpha wolf. A forbidden love that could tear the pack apart.
Crescent City Wolf Pack Book 1
# Paranormal
# Romance
# Shifters
# Psychic
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Detective Macey Carpenter has been on the trail of a vicious attacker for weeks. The evidence keeps disappearing, and it seems she'll never solve the case. Finding love is the least of her worries, but she can't deny her attraction to a mysterious man who knows more about the crimes than he should. A man who may be more than he seems… When Luke falls head over tail for the feisty human detective, supernatural secrets aren’t the only things at stake. He has to mate with another werewolf or he’ll sacrifice his position as alpha. But as heat builds between the pair, he discovers Macey has a few secrets of her own. She may hold the key to ridding New Orleans of its demons… But his feelings for her could tear his pack apart. Fated mates. Forbidden love. A steamy paranormal romance you can sink your teeth into.

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Title: "Crescent City Wolf Pack Complete Series Bundle"

We're the wolves your momma warned you about…

Contains Books 1 - 6

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